Here’s a short Biographical Sketch of Robert Lund: 

o Raised in nominal Lutheran home 

o Was an atheist for years; hugely impacted by Josh Mcdowell’s  book “Evidence That Demands a Verdict” 

o Got saved in Jesus movement in Southern California in 1974 in a  Conservative Baptist Church; devoured the Bible; memorized       Entire books and chapters. 

o Traveled with and discipled by Ray Steadman (Peninsula Bible Church) 

o Graduated from Biola University in 1980 with degree in Bible with heavy work in Greek &computer science. Wrote papers against the Charismatic gifts; later recanted in sackcloth and ashes! 

o Worked for Hewlett Packard as a Systems Engineer; various programming jobs for different companies  

o Attended Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Anaheim, California 

o Founded a software/consulting firm Lund Performance Solutions in mid 1980’s (see

o Married (1979) with five children (3 years to 16) 

o Helped plant two Vineyard Christian Fellowship churches in Oregon.

o Involved in restoring New Testament values in church via network of house churches, conferences in U.S. and abroad 

o Heavily involved in raising funds for missions worldwide 

o Wrote and published three books pertaining to Hewlett-Packard mid-range computer system performance (Taming the HP 3000 Vols I and II; Taming Unix Vol. I) 

o Founded Getta-Life and MEFA (Micro Enterprise for All) dedicated to helping Christians worldwide become financially self-employed/sufficient 

o Ministry in Romania: Formed Lund Fundatia – Non-Profit Christian publishing company; supporting orphanages; employing programmers; Keynote speaker at the National Pentecostal Pastors conference 

o Founder and President of No Garbage Books in Albany, Oregon (; non-fiction, Christian, technical, homeschool, etc. 

o Working on Master’s degree in Church history (Thesis on the History of Authority, Government, and Leadership Throughout Church history – should be available on web site: by end of December 2000)

o Personal library of over 5000 books; 99.9% non-fiction primarily Christian, health, finance, etc. 

o Writing Soon to be published book regarding the 95 Theses (Propositions) for Church Restoration, Reformation, and Transformation 

o Instrument rated private pilot; Extra Class amateur radio license (WB6PUP) 

o Am mutually accountable with numerous brothers and sisters; references readily available upon request! Please note, these accountability relationships are based on deep friendships with lot’s of history (deeper than just a hierarchical “covering”!). We "choke" each other if we stray from the narrow path of “the simplicity and PURITY of devotion to Christ”! (II Cor. 11:3,4)  

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